17 Charming Wooden Ceiling Designs For Rustic Look In Your Home

Wood is one of the noblest materials in the interior design, which with its texture and appearance inspires warmth and gives the impression of wealth, style and taste. Because of its exceptional properties that it owns, processing capabilities and design, and the pleasant feeling of the space where is located, the wood is an essential material for decorating rooms.

For decorating ceilings, wood can be used as: paneling, laminate cover, wooden planks, logs and half-logs or wooden beams. Wood in this case can be used as a primary material or in combination with other materials. The rustic appearance of the walls can be achieved by a combination of old wooden beams, roughly-shaped half-logs, or logs, with combination of stone and brick. Many people prefer plain white ceiling, ignoring the possibility of decorating the ceiling in some other way. Ceilings can be designed in various ways, can be in your favorite color, glossy, matte, with stripes, with circles, with wallpaper and stickers, painted, covered with wooden beams, etc. Do not easily ignore these options when decorating the ceiling, because the sky’s the limit on the road of decorating your home. Although ordinary ceilings can be unmistakable choice in the interior design, there are other interesting solutions, see the following collection, and maybe you will find functional solution for your rustic wooden ceiling.


Image via Paul Body


Image via Nick Johnson Photography


Image via Lohss Construction


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