17 Charming Shabby-Chic Deck Designs You Need In Your Backyard

There are a few things that can improve the quality of your outdoor areas like a deck can. It is the most versatile addition that you can update your backyard, courtyard, porch or garden with. I mean, there are just so many things that you can do with a deck, especially if it is in the form of a shabby-chic deck that can take on the role of pretty much anything you want it to. A dining table can easily move your dining area outside but you can also choose to have your shabby-chic deck as a green platform in which you will sit comfortably surrounded by plants.

Welcome to a new collection in which we want you to explore these 17 Charming Shabby-Chic Deck Designs You Need In Your Backyard. Take a few moments to take a look at the photos that we’ve compiled in this list and you will see the plentiful opportunities that a deck such as the ones we’ve featured can offer to your home and yourself. It is quite similar to our recent collection of 18 Magnificent Shabby-Chic Porch Designs That Are Too Cute To Pass Up, and if you just stay tuned to our showcase of this style, you’ll be able to see how it all wraps up soon enough. Enjoy!

1. Shabby-Chic Deck

2. Loftus Street


3. Backyard Paradise

4. White & Bright

5. Rooftop deck with DIY pallet beds


6. Shabby-Chic Deck


7. South-West style


8. Rivercourse Refuge

9. Happy Garden

10. Beautiful Olathe Covered Deck

11. Shabby-Chic Deck

12. Charming little green terrace


13. Shabby-Chic backyard


14. Backyard dining area


15. Vertical Garden


16. Shabby-Chic Deck


17. Backyard extension



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