17 Charming Country Dining Room Designs That Abound With Warmth & Pleasant Feeling

There are many different regions where country style very special came to life, and each of them are country in their own way and with their characteristics, but certainly that England is home and cradle of this mode of regulation. There are several types of country style, but English is the most popular. Comfort and pleasant atmosphere is its main feature, as well as harmony with the nature. The furniture is with simple lines made mostly of wood, rattan, bamboo or wrought iron. The floor is usually covered with parquet flooring, joinery is mostly white in color, and large windows so that through them will enter a lot of daylight.

Absolutely indispensable details of country style are great, spacious antique cabinets, cupboards, cabinets and chests, usually oak. Here is also represented stone, especially around the fireplace. The emphasis is on natural colors that bring peace, dominated by floral and checkered patterns, in the different shades of green and blue, while the details are mostly red and gold. The walls are either pure white or decorated with wallpaper with base olive green or gray shades.

Fresh flowers in large vases are the most beautiful decorations, as well as potted plants. With them fit perfectly rustic details such as mirrors, clocks, candlesticks, decorative boxes, etc … Warmth to the home can give thick carpets, rugs, embroidered cushions, multicolored blankets and curtains. Besides the central lighting, very romantic act small table lamps that contribute to warm atmosphere. Country dining room is excellent idea, if you want romantic and warm atmosphere. Take a look in our photo gallery, and see how it will look like!


Image via BelathΓ©e Photography


Image via Jim Brady Architectural Photography


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