17 Charming Bathroom Designs With Wooden Elements For Cozy Atmosphere

Wood is the most used material that provides beautiful and pleasant look to every home. Regardless the style in the home, wooden elements will always fit into various environments. Wood meets the comfort level and symbolizes strength and peace at the same time. From floors to architectural details, wood is one of the most used versatile materials for your home. Wood has always been most used material for the exterior of the home, and because of its features, when you take care of it, can last for decades. Wooden poles, moldings and railings can add definition to your facade. It is especially used on the terraces, entrances and around windows and doors.

We have selected for you 17 peaceful and very relaxing bathroom designs, because the bathroom is a place where we are, after a long day of looking for some rest in the tub or the shower with hot water. The bathrooms are minimalist, stylish, modern and with simple natural details. The colors of these bathrooms are mostly black and white, light and beautiful, just with a few colorful additions. What we like in this area is the use of natural wood that brings a warm feeling and pleasant atmosphere. Enjoy the pictures below and take inspiration from them!


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