17 Captivating Minimalist Bathroom Designs For Every Taste

There are many fans of the style of “less is more” or minimalism, in which the emphasis is placed on minimum elements and clean look. However, in this bathroom is very easy to break the beautiful look with unnecessary details and decorations. Therefore, we bring you a few ideas to keep in the bathroom minimalist atmosphere and what kind of decorations to use. One of the best ways to enter the bathroom minimalist sense of style and luxury, are the plants. In the bathrooms with a bit of spaciousness, add some plants that are high and that does not take up much space and they will become a focal point.

One bad thing that occurs in decorating minimalist bathrooms is the sterile appearance. To make this room a little warmer, use items that are rich in texture and which are in contrast with the smooth and glossy elements. This can be: basket, wooden chairs, and even old ladder for hanging towels. Most often the colors in the minimalist bathrooms: white, gray, beige, cream, etc … You do not have to make great efforts to break the monotony of these neutral colors. Sufficient are decorated in color so that your bathroom will come alive. Another way to add color to the neutral bathroom, is the use of patterned material. It can be in the form of towels or mats. Takje a look in our ispirational photo gallery and you will find many creative designs!


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