17 Beautiful Examples How To Decorate Your Dream Bathroom

Many do not think of the bathroom as a separate room that deserves attention in decorating, especially if it is already decorated bathroom. Regardless of whether your bathroom is old or new, it can always shine with renovating or changing details that will make the room attractive and stylish. If you have furniture (equipment) for the bathroom which over use is with lost shine, you can always refinish it. If the budget does not allow large expenses, but you still want to enter a luxury spa impression, then choose an attractive, expensive and extravagant detail, such as the sink, which can become the center of your bathroom.

Here you can use some small tricks in the form of the schedule and format of illuminating fixtures and other decorative elements. First and the main light in the bathroom should be located in the central part of the ceiling. Often forgotten in the bathrooms is the importance of good ventilation, especially when it comes to smaller bathrooms or a bathroom that has no window. Consider incorporating a fan, preferably with a sensor which will include on the first appearance of moisture or steam. Here are some exanples how to make perfect bathroom from your dreams. Take a look and you will get inspired!


Image via Jacob Elliott


Image via Werner Segarra Photography


Image via MIkiko Kikuyama


Image via Tsantes Photography


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