17 Awesome Industrial Deck Designs Just In Time For The Spring Weather

The industrial home is usually in the form of a loft or an apartment located in a densely populated urban area. This doesn’t leave plenty of space for outdoor areas, if any at all. But those that are blessed with outdoor spaces can enjoy the full potential of the industrial deck which is built for lounging. It is actually straight to the point in terms of design but where possible, it can accommodate more than just a few patio chairs.

Welcome to a new collection of industrial designs showcasing 17 Awesome Industrial Deck Designs Just In Time For The Spring Weather. Take a look at the following images which will give you a general idea of what to expect when you come across the need for outdoor areas in the industrial style. It is quite similar to the designs that we’ve shown you just recently in the collection of 18 Amazing Industrial Porch Designs For Your Home. Enjoy!

1. 204 S VENICE

2. Villa – Nieul Sur Mer

3. Soquel, CA

4. Northside Depot

5. Holmbury View

6. SoHo Rooftop Deck

7. Findlay Residence

8. Compact Industrial Deck Design

9. Industrial Porch Deck


11. Spring Street, Downtown LA

12. Industrial Deck

13. Container Home Deck


14. SoHo Rooftop Deck

15. Barcelona Loft

16. ModMobili Denver Loft

17. West Village, Manhattan


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