17 Astonishing Baldachin Bedroom Ideas For Your Inspiration

If you want your bedroom to look nice and elegant, you can add detail that does not cost a lot and the appearance of your room can completely change. For example it could be the baldachin over the bed. Baldachin is actually, curtains that are placed above the bed as a decor, that gives a touch of elegance and attractiveness of the interior. They can be made of thin materials such as melton, organdy, cotton, etc, … Also there is the possibility to made them of heavy and solid materials. When they are made of heavy and solid materials, then you have the opportunity of thermal, sound and light insulation.

The baldachin provides a mystical and romantic look to your bed and your bedroom. Decorate your room with one detail that will completely change. Your bedroom will look like it’s completely changed. Maybe this still sounds like more exotic or perhaps even unattainable, but with a little creativity and the appropriate fabric and you can make this by yourself. Now see some amazing examples and maybe you will find idea how to choose perfect baldachin in your bedroom.




Image via Randolph Foulds Photography


Image via Tony Soluri


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Author: Ana Duovska


''Some people look for a beautiful place, others make a place beautiful.''


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