17 Adorable Kitchen Designs In French Country Style

French style has a lot of variations, ranging from chic Parisian, to warm Provencal, never losing its main characteristic- the endless charm. Since this style has a few major determinant of arranging the kitchen, began the search for an appropriate ceramic tiles called subway. Another important feature of the French kitchen charm are metal containers in which there is cutlery. This way of housekeeping, emphasizes the relaxed approach to the cooking and the life.

This style of decorating kitchen is becoming increasingly popular, because it provides a lot of freedom in creating and for the owners is a real pleasure to cook in such a space. Freedom of the creation is reflected in the choice of colors: white, gray, yellow, Provencal blue, terracotta …

The kitchen in the country style is characterized also by the use of wood, antique ornaments and crockery. These kitchens remind us to the kitchens of our grandmothers, therefore, they appear particularly warm and pleasant. Kitchen in a country French style has with a very interesting and entertaining features. Browse our collection and you will see some creative examples that will help you to decorate your kitchen in French country style!


Image via Hawks Photography


Image via Rob Karosis


Image via Rob Karosis


Image via César Rubio


Image via Rob Karosis Photography


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