17 Adorable Dining Room Designs With Beautiful Glass Table

The dining room is a room in the home where the whole family usually stay together. To these family gatherings with the preparation and consumption of food, held in comfortable environment, it is necessary to carefully access to the furnishing of the dining room. The time you spend at the table is not only the mere of satisfaction of the needs for food, but this is the time we spend with our families and our loved ones.

Tables for the dining room and kitchen can be made of different materials. Depending on the size, they can be for 4 people, 6 people, 10 or more people. Some tables are with a fixed size, and some can be opened and thus to accommodate more people. The most common types of tables are rectangular, square, oval and round.

If you want more spohistication in your dining room, you can opt for glass dining table, If will transform the whole look, and will make your dining room beautiful and comfortable. Check out below, and you will see a bunch of interesting ideas of dining rooms with glass tables. Enjoy!


Image via Renata Bastos


Image via Mina Brinkey


Image via Heather Merenda


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