16 Tremendous DIY Garden Decorations That You Haven’t Seen Before

One of the most beautiful everyday experiences is sitting in your own garden, whether you’re reading a book, enjoying a cup of coffee, or just soaking up the sun’s rays and fresh air. However, equipping a garden can be demanding and expensive, and we present to you some recycled pieces that each of us own, and with a little remodeling, can complete your yard, garden or terrace. If the wind destroyed trees nearby or you had to cut down a tree, cut the tree to the desired length, and make beautiful outdoor seats.

Take old tires and attach four short solid feet. Lastly, just fill them with cushions and you will get a small chair. Instead of the standard chair backrest, hook up a few old skateboards and attach to the rest. Seems like they were made for this, doesn’t it? Get rid of the big backrest, attach it to the ropes on all four sides and hang it on a large branch. If you want to create something similar check out below and you can see more inspirational examples!


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