16 The Cheapest DIY’s To Improve The Look Of Your Bathroom

In terms of creativity, this is the most interesting part of the arrangement, where you can let your imagination run wild and create an atmosphere that suits you best. Do not forget that the positioning of the sanitary network affects the position of doors and windows, and if the bathroom is so small that it can not find place for radiators, consider floor heating. Good lighting, with a clear practical function, has an aesthetic, but also the security dimension. Well-lit place requires a clear plan of lighting, so consider carefully where you will set up a central, and where ambient lighting.

If you don’t have a big budget, but still want to change the look of your bathroom, we suggest you some interesting DIY’s that will help you to improve the look of your home quicky and easily. See our genius ideas and make the best version of your bathroom.

Turn a reclaimed window into a medicine cabinet

Repurpose some kitchen items as kitchen storage

Make cheap and easy bathtub tray for wine + book baths

You can make a whole chest of cardboard drawers

Install pull-out drawers in your cabinets

Fill a votive holder with coffee beans and keep your brushes in it

Use a magnetic strip to organize your bobby pins

Move the shower caddies under the sink for storage that will actually stay decluttered

Make cold tile floors more cozier with a DIY pom-pom rug

Keep the hair dryer and hair irons stowed neatly in mounted PVC pipe

Use every inch of the space

Make unique vintage towel holder

Painted granite countertops

Repurpose some free-standing toiletry holder

Make fun DIY dino toilet paper holder

Make unique DIY bath mat


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