16 Super Functional Secret Storage Design Ideas

Very often happens in the home to have too many things and to not have enough space to store them. The organization in the space is the first step to a more comfortable home and therefore to more harmonious and healthier living. The secret to better and effective organization of all spaces in the home, lies not in the larger space to store things, but in the technique of expert storage in the tiniest objects where normally the biggest clutter can be stored.

For neatly and skillfully storage in the home, it is necessary at least a box, drawer or locker, and the whole look would be completely different. The following suggestions offer ideas and solutions, as some empty spaces can be used to deal with the mess in the house more easily. We present you some creative examples of innovative elements which other than its original function, play a role of secret storage space.


Image via Taggart Sorenson


Image via Peter Fox Photography


Image via KazArts Photography


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