16 Striking Contemporary Patio Designs That Will Leave You Speechless

Winter, as it seems, is slowly fading away and that is going to open up space for spring to enter the fray. Spring is going to have a huge effect on our surroundings and its fresh weather is known to make us want to spend more time outside, now that we actually can. But good weather alone is not enough to make for a good outdoor experience in your home’s outdoor spaces. What you really need is comfortable outdoor spaces designed for lounging or in other words, you need a contemporary patio that will enable you to stay comfy outside.

Welcome to this new collection of outdoor designs in which we’ve featured 16 Striking Contemporary Patio Designs That Will Leave You Speechless. Check out this fresh list of inspirational ideas and you’re going to find a myriad suggestions that you can use to create your dream outdoor spaces. Of course, the patio is not the only part of the outdoor offerings of the contemporary home so make sure you also explore our collection of 16 Marvelous Contemporary Deck Designs For Those Sunny Days. Enjoy!

1. Driftwood Estate

2. Contemporary Patio

3. Outdoor Design Project in San Diego

4. Contemporary patio design

5. Marchione Residence

6. Hillsborough Modern

7. Contemporary Design Writ Large

8. Fox – Boulder Pass, Irvine

9. Tamalpais

10. The Port House

11. Farmhouse Glam

12. Cupertino Modern Full House Remodel

13. Award Winning Luxury Georgian Townhouse Renovation

14. hawthorn house

15. Residence 2646

16. Lake Merced Landscape Project


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