16 Simple & Cute Teen Room Designs For Boys

You have a son, and you want to introduce some changes in his life? Make him happy with renovating his room. Children’s and teen rooms are mostly places where children spend most of their time, so it is important for them to spend time in the room that they prefer and which is quality decorated. The decoration of the rooms for boys must be inspired by some adventure. Play with colors, photo wallpapers, stickers, or with painting you can visualise fight with crocodiles, football, pirate ships, sailing boats, planes, etc.

Teen rooms offer a lot of opportunities, because of the boundless imagination of your teenager. Listen to your child, it can just give the best idea. It is important to know your child and its interests, to make the room genuine and cozy corner where he will spend a lot of time, alone, or in the company of friends. And the most ordinary room, may have the impression of modern rooms – rooms that do look like a stadium or a cave, or whatever is the dream of your teenager. See some simple but cute teen room designs and make your teenager happy!


Image via Paul Leach Photography


Image via Simon Eldon


Image via Katarina Hetenyi Photography


Image via Luke Cartledge


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