16 Really Amazing Ways To Set Up Outdoor Shower

As much as it seemed that the shower in the courtyard of unnecessary and expensive idea, many choose to their garden to add this thing and to spend more time outdoors. Summer is a great time for creative projects, especially those in your yard. We bring you a few guidelines and suggestions how to make a shower in the yard. To create outdoor shower, where the water is heated with the help of the sun, you do not need a lot of trouble, materials, and no time. However, this is not a five minute job.

Before you decide where to place your shower, you need to think about three things: privacy, access to water and sun. When you have found the perfect place, dig a shallow wide hole through where you will put one plaaet or wooden slats, and the hole will be used to facilitate the drainage of water and not to create a slurry.

Instead boiler can serve barrel with a fountain, but be sure to find black one or repaint it in dark color, to be attractive to the sun’s rays. The barrel need to be attached on the wall. Shower should be set to be at a height, of course, over the heads of your family members, but below the barrel. Water play and stop at the pump of the barrel. This is only one easy way to setup outdoor shower in your backyard. These are just basic guidelines, and more ideas, you can see in our gallery.


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Author: Ana Duovska


''Some people look for a beautiful place, others make a place beautiful.''


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