16 Outstanding Traditional Balcony Designs You Will Use All The Time

A beautiful traditional balcony can transform your home. It is much more than just a small outdoor space, even if it is small. The balcony can give you a breath of fresh air when you can’t really go outside because you do not have a yard or for any other reason. It is the perfect spot to have your morning cup of coffee or an afternoon snack. Especially if you work from home, the balcony will come as a much-needed refreshment.

In this new compilation of outdoor designs, we’ve featured 16 Outstanding Traditional Balcony Designs You Will Use All The Time. Take a look at the designs that have made it in this list and you will get access to plenty of ideas that you might just be able to work into the space you have in your home. Don’t get discouraged if you have only a small balcony space. As you’ll see here, a small balcony can be just as good, especially if you can work it into the rest of your traditional home’s outdoor areas such as the porchdeck, patio and landscape. Enjoy!

1. Pacific Palisades Residence

2. Motley Residence Traditional Balcony

3. Timeless Custom Home in St.Charles

4. Peninsula Ridge II Residence

5. Irving Park – Lafayette Residence

6. Upton Park Terrace


8. Sea Pines

9. Screen Porch with Water View – Westport, Connecticut

10. Classic Balcony

11. Elegant Chicago Revamp

12. Lake Leelanau Cottage

13. Lewis Gap Renovation

14. Traditional Balcony Design

15. SW Hills Historic

16. Outdoor Terrace


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Author: Fidan Jovanov


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