16 Outstanding Grey Living Room Designs That Everyone Should See

Gray is the color that many designers avoid when it comes to designing a homes. If it is used without a plan, a home can seem impersonal, like an office or airport terminal. However, gold has certain advantages: successfully hides stains and all the imperfections on the walls or the floor. There are various shades of gray from dark graphite, to silver or color of the stones.

For the successful implementation of this color in the living room, it is required boldness, but be careful not to overdo it, because too much grey in the room will break the balance in the space. If you want to refresh your living room by painting the walls in a gray, opt for a very light shade of that color. To keep the balance, use some items that will prevent the room to look too dark, such as, for example, white table or bright pictures on the wall. With the gray walls is essential matching furniture which will be successfully incorporated into the decor. The advantage of gray is that all its nuances will fit very well with the other elements. If you prefer darker tones that are close to black, feel free to use them in the context of living space. However, remember: if the shade is darker, it is needed more white in order to achieve balance. For example, paint at least one wall in white. These are some simple rules that will be your guide, if your desire is to insert grey in the living room!


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