16 Joyful Disney-Themed Bedroom Designs That Will Delight Your Kids

Beside that they need to be beautiful, children’s rooms must be functional. Look forward and see where you have to pay attention. If you are planning to equip a small child’s room, select solutions that will save space. These solutions could be rooms with bunk bed, extra mattress under the bed, a drawer under the stairs for a bunk bed and similar solutions. In the children’s room we can set a very interesting and unusual form of desks which can be located in the corner or even middle of the room.

When decorating children’s room, should be equal attention paid to the aesthetic and the functional part. Bed, desk, storage space for clothes and shelves for toys need to fit in form and color. A color that appears in the closet, can be at the headboard of the bed. Bright colors on the shelf fronts will act even more interesting if you repeat the colors in the cushions on the bed. If the room is small and do not have enough storage space, make space above the bed. If you decorate thematic kids room, and you want to choose theme from the Disney characters, below you can see various creative examples, that surely will catch your eye!


Image via Harry Lim Photography


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Author: Ana Duovska


''Some people look for a beautiful place, others make a place beautiful.''


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