16 Joyful Child’s Room Designs With Blue & Yellow Tones

They say that the colors are divided in two groups: the warm (red, yellow and orange) that are stimulating and energetic and cold (green and blue) that soothe and relax. There are also neutral colors which include, above all gray, white and beige, which can get cold or warm up the space, depending on their intensity and positioning.

Are you fed up with pastel colors and want in your home to enter a character? How about using blue? Blue has always been a color of the aristocracy, truth, fidelity and generosity. Blue is one of the color spectrum that the human eye can see and one of the three primary colors, along with red and yellow. Blue is a common color, it is the color of the sky and the water. It goes well with almost all colors and can be applied in all areas from the hall, through the bathroom to the living room.

Optimistic yellow color increases energy and concentration and stimulates creativity and is suitable for children and study room. It speeds up the metabolism and stimulates conversation and is recommended and in kitchens and dining rooms. Since that evokes the sun, it is ideal for dark hallways and basement.

The combination of these two colors, can work well in any room where they are used. For example, you can use this combination in the child’s room. If you don’t have any idea how it will look like, see our proposals and you might find many interesting options!




Image via Julie Ranee Photography






Image via Richard Lee


Image via Donna Dotan Photography Inc.


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Author: Ana Duovska


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