16 Impressive Shabby Chic Decorations To Enter Pleasant Feel In Your Home

Shabby chic style lately has become very popular in interior design, and its biggest advantage is to achieve the effect of grace, but also the power of applying warmth to the home. Decorations in this style more come to the fore when are mixed more styles, which is mostly used for breaking the monotony and sterility. The restoration of the old, already used items or items with older design, is the main characteristic of this style dominated by soft colors, mostly a combination of white and pastel shades of the other colors.

You can not overdo with the details when it comes to shabby chic! And all the details need to be retro, feminine, floral, and with bright colors. Decorations, vases, ribbons, lace, a bunch of pillows, lots of fabric – from curtains to tablecloths and blankets – everything is mandatory! And it should look as if you found in some antique store. We present you some brilliant ideas how to reuse your old items and enter shabby chic spirit in your home. See our proposals, and you might find idea how enter a touch of serenity and pleasant feel with shabby chic decorations!


Tags: diy shabby chic, shabby chic, shabby chic decorations, shabby chic style

Author: Ana Duovska


''Some people look for a beautiful place, others make a place beautiful.''


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