16 Gorgeous Contemporary Nursery Designs That Will Catch You By Surprise

There is a common misconception when it comes to the contemporary style in the kids’ room or the nursery. Many people are under the impression that the contemporary style lacks the soul and warmth needed for a room where a kid will grow up. Nothing is further from the truth. The contemporary style can have an incredibly warm appearance, enhanced by its focus on functional spaces. The contemporary nursery is in fact a perfect choice for a room for the newborn.

It is also important to realize that the design of the nursery is inspired by the new addition to the family but it is aimed towards the ones that will be taking care of the baby in that room. After all, the baby won’t really be able to tell the difference for a while and when starts, you’ll need to transform the nursery into a fully fledged kids’ room anyway.
Take a look at our new compilation of interiors in which we’ve featured 16 Gorgeous Contemporary Nursery Designs That Will Catch You By SurpriseΒ and stay tuned for a take on the contemporary kids’ room, as the next part of our ongoing contemporary style showcase. Enjoy!

1. Contemporary Nursery

2. The Artist Abode

3. Urban + Farmhouse

4. Attic Nursery

5. Little Man’s Nursery

6. Gateley Road Project

7. Contemporary Nursery

8. Pastel Baby Room

9. Residencia 0110

10. Tribeca Family Condo

11. A Nursery for a Fashion Designer

12. Pre-War Williamsburg Apartment

13. Contemporary Nursery Design

14. Project Hillholm

15. Mesa Cadde Show Home 2

16. Dani Austin Nursery Project


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Author: Fidan Jovanov


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