16 Gorgeous Bathroom Designs That Abound With Rustic Charm

Antique, yet modern décor, the so-called rustic design, fits perfectly in the living space of people who love nature. Natural materials, hand-made, down to the smallest detail incorporated into the space, reflect the soul and warmth. Many are turning to modern materials, but fortunately, there are also lovers of rustic home decorating. You need to use wood, wherever is it possible. Do not worry about bumps and other imperfections, that is precisely the charm of rustic style. It is important that the wood is only properly treated, so that it can bear the increased humidity that prevails in the bathroom. Rustic style has encouraged the designers for the use of natural materials in their raw or slightly processed form.

Everything that look old, will fit in this style, tin cans, tarpaulins, lanterns, woven baskets … if you like an item that was not built for the bathroom and think that it can be used there, do not hesitate to use it. Use colors inspired by nature. For example, you can use: shades of gray (color of the stone), brown (the color of old wood), dark green (color hunting clothes) … In the small bathrooms paint in bright green, for the accessory choose dark brown shades. Large bathrooms can be with darker color or you can combine the two shades of one color: one of them darker, the other lighter. Lighting is essential in the bathroom, but in a rustic style, the lighting fixtures ie, their appearance, is necessary to adjust the style. But also in the rustic bathrooms can be used glass chandeliers to its elegance and flair, to be a contrast to other elements in the bathroom. If you are wondering how to decorate your dream bathroom in rustic style, check out our following examples and you will find inspiration for sure!


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