16 Extremely Impressive Ideas For Decorating Master Bathroom

Although the bathroom should be sterile, the last thing you want is to make it to looks like that. In order to alleviate the severe look that comes with a tiled floor and walls, designers often “borrow” some details from the other rooms in the house. Striking wallpaper, original artwork, ornate chandeliers and decorative chests of drawers, are just a few examples that will help you to get new bathroom’s look, which will have a more interesting and warmer look. The mirrors on opposite sides of the walls, arranged so that they can reflect each other, will make the bathroom more spacious. Glass gives the illusion of more space but, if possible, be sure to set higher windows.

Artificial lighting pointing at certain places in the bathroom will create a visually interesting space. Fluorescent lights that make the ceiling seem lower can also be used. Although allow good lighting, it is not recommended excessive use of this type of lighting in the bathroom, because it can quickly heat up the small space. All unnecessary things stand outside the small bathroom. Use the corners for installation of hanging racks and shelves on the walls where you can hold cosmetics and towels. Although the bathroom should always be neat and clean, it does not mean that all the things you have to hide in the cupboard. Carefully selected details, like perfume on a glass shelf, seem to be very effective.


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Author: Ana Duovska


''Some people look for a beautiful place, others make a place beautiful.''


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