16 Extraordinary Transitional Kitchen Designs That Will Inspire You

The transitional style is more popular than you think. It is probably present in most homes where the owners wanted to have contemporary or traditional decor, or both. Mixing these two styles is what we refer to as the transitional style and a lot of us unknowingly have transitional decor at our homes.
This style marries the furniture, finishes and materials from the contemporary and transitional decor directions, creating a classic design. It is simple, yet sophisticated. But don’t think of this style as an unlimited mix. When it comes to something specific, say the lines on the furniture, you either choose elements from the contemporary, or the traditional style, but not from both. You can have different pieces of furniture from the two disjoint styles but never a single piece with features from the two of those styles.

Welcome to a new collection of interior designs in which we are going to show you 16 Extraordinary Transitional Kitchen Designs That Will Inspire You. This collection is the precursor to many new interior and exterior collections that we are going to feature as a part of this freshly started showcase of the transitional style. The goal of this showcase is to show you how an entire home designed in this style can look like and to inspire you to try it, if you like it of course. Enjoy!

Transitional Kitchen

Hickory Leaf

Coronado Ave.

Transitional Kitchen Design

Harbour View Kitchen

Museum District Townhome

Palisades Remodel

Riverdale Kitchen

Sydney Project

Family House, North London

Transitional Retreat

Philadelphia Eclectic Rowhouse

Eclectic Kitchen

Jim and Brie’s Kitchen

Dayna Flory Interior Remodel in Birmingham

Transitional Kitchen


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Author: Fidan Jovanov


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