16 Excellent Examples For Decorating Functional Small Bathroom

Rational space use is extremely important when organizing a small apartment, especially when it comes to frequently used and functional rooms, such as the bathroom. With these simple ideas and tips, even the smallest bathroom you can turn into a cozy room, of course, if you choose the right decor and take advantage of the available space. The door with built-in glass part, will let to pass much more light. If the bathroom does not have a window, even the smallest light source will be helpful.

We all know that in the small bathroom a better option is shower cabin than bathtub, but also a big shower cabin can look bulky in a small bathroom. In the recent years, there are popular shower cabins with a flat floor where the water drain is installed directly in the bathroom floor, and from the rest of the bathroom, it is separated by a simple glass barrier, thus the space does not seem crowded. Even the sliding doors, which, nowadays are not used often, can make a big difference in the arrangement of a small space.Β The old rule for using bright colors in small spaces is also useful, but if you want a pleasant space, then you need a little color. The best way to do this in the bathroom is to use interesting ceramic tiles in combination of bright and vibrant colors.Β If you are following these simple rules, you will transform every small bathroom into luxurious and pleasant space for everyday enjoyment!


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