16 DIY Extra Storage Items For Small Bathrooms

The small rooms are more complex for editing and equipping, especially when it comes to bathrooms. Bathtub, washing machine, sink, WC – shell … are just some of the fixed things that need to be inserted into several squares. But with a few tips, your bathroom space can be beautiful and functional. All creative designer solutions are based on the structure of the puzzle, with many compartments, smart ideas for storage, and impressive design techniques used in the design, which gives exceptional comfort and functionality in every small space.

Because the bathroom is a room in the apartment in which there is constant moisture and condensation, it is very important what kind of tile you will choose. It is recommended to choose for the floor mat tiles, and for the wall can be those with a high gloss. Cupboards and storage items for cosmetics, towels and cleaning would be desirable to be hanged on the wall or embedded and mounted under the sink. If you need extra storage items, you don’t have to spend a lot of money for buying. You can make DIY storage items, with repurposing some old items that you already have at home. See our proposals and make your small bathroom to be functional and beautiful!


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