16 Delightful Kitchen Designs With Modern Influence

In today’s article we want to present you contemporary designs for the decorating of the modern kitchen. Of course, initially it should fit with the overall style of your home and you need to determine if it will be ultra modern, classical, or in neutral colors, or vivid and intense. It all depends on your taste, but today we offer you a wide selection of kitchen projects which we hope that will facilitate the selection.

If you really want to leave good impression, modern kitchen should be your choice. It should be simple, with clear lines of the elements. For the worktop use industrial materials such as concrete or stainless steel. As for colors, they should be: white, black, gray or other strong color, which will then use it throughout the whole space. This style should be the epitome of minimalism. If are looking for some creative designs of modern kitchens, you are on the right place. Below you will find many inspirational ideas, and we believe that will catch your eye. Check out below, and see what we’ve got for you!


Image via Ben Hill


Image via Aaron Leitz Fine Photography


Image via Frank Berna Photography


Image via Mayra Roubach


Image via Sonia Mangiapane Photography


Image via David Lauer


Image via David Lauer


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