16 Delightful Bright Living Room Design Ideas

If you want to create a bright, clear space to feel free and relaxed, here are some tips to make brighter living room. You need to avoid large and dark pieces of furniture, especially in black and dark brown colors. Use wooden furniture design, which can further be combined with elements in bright shades.

If your floor is dark and you have a dark piece of furniture, you must insert bright elements and details in the space such as rugs, lamps, or other decorations… In this case, white doors, walls and curtains can be appropriate choice.

You can select club tables made out of glass, while particularly suitable are that ones with rounded edges, which will give excellent reflection and extra light in the room. Put white shelves on the wall that will contribute to creating a brighter ambiance in the living room. Check out the following collection, and feel free to copy some idea in your home.


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