16 Cute Round Baby’s Crib Ideas That Will Melt Your Heart

The choice of baby crib, will certainly be one of the most important things you need to do, and the most important thing that you need to take care of is the safety of your baby. The crib is the only place where the baby will stay without constant supervision. For that reason it is extremely important, crib to meet certain minimum safety standards. The mattress should be firm. Here should be taken into account that the mattress will give leverage to the bones, which need to grow and develop properly. The mattress should be the proper size for the crib. If you can put two fingers between the mattress and crib then the mattress is too small and it is not appropriate.

If the budget allows you, you may want to purchase a mattress with anti allergic coating or organic material. But that all are only options. The crib is desirable to be in a bright place, but not directly exposed to the sun. Make sure the crib should not be placed in areas where the baby could grab something that would help to raise the crib, for example curtains, etc.

If you want to make unique and extraordinary nursery, you can set round baby’s crib. It will give pleasant atmosphere and sophistication to the nursery, and in the same time it will be perfect bed for your baby. Below we present you one collection of beautiful examples of round crib designs, that will catch your eye. See them and make your choice!


Image via Tre Dunham


Image via Bradshaw Photography


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