16 Charming Crafts You Can DIY with Faux Flowers

DIY decorations made out of faux flowers are one of the more interesting trends among the bloggers right now and we thought we’d try to get you on that train as well. What makes these crafts so popular lately? A couple of things actually. First of all, faux flowers are a very accessible and easy to use crafting material, in fact, you could easily make some by yourself, from scratch. But that’s not the main reason people have been using faux flowers to decorate their homes with. Faux flowers can be used to add a creative touch to pretty much anything as you will see below.

Welcome to a new collection of DIY ideas in which we’ve featuredΒ 16 Charming Crafts You Can DIY with Faux Flowers. Dedicate a few minutes from your time to go through the following ideas and you will have yourself planning to make a few of them over the weekend. And you should! After all, they are very easy and cheap to make while they can really spice up some part of your home. So, jump right into the ideas and remember that we’ve linked detailed tutorials below each project. Enjoy!

1. DIY Floral Curtains

2. Floral Napkin Rings

3. DIY Paper Flower Lanterns

4. Faux Flower Wreath

5. Hanging Flower Chandelier

6. DIY Flower Monogram Letter

7. DIY Faux Flower Arrangement

8. DIY Flower Wall

9. Tissue Paper Cherry Blossoms

10. Burlap And Pearls Rosette Wreath

11. Black-Eyed Susan Pom Flowers

12. Paper Flowers

13. Pretty In Pink Flower Wall

14. Felt Flower Collage

15. DIY Floating Teacup

16. DIY Faux Flower Lampshade


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