16 Captivating Ideas For Decorating Shared Kids Bedroom

Arranging a common room for two, three or more children is a challenge that needs to answer many practical and functional criteria, and to look cheerful and harmonious. You should make adequate space for relaxation, fun, learning and individual interests of each child.

Here are some tips for successfully overcoming the challenges in creating a functional and happy children’s room. The first thing to choose is a gender neutral color palette for all the basic things such as walls, furniture, carpets … The combinations of colors such as white, gray, turquoise and white in combination of colors from the basic range, corresponding to both boys and girls. Furniture should be with clear lines, without thematic content. Make a place for playing for both. Ensure that your kids when can crawl and reach their toys, should be positioned to the lower shelves, and the older children take the top place of the shelf. The room you can decorate with pictures and photos, where is showed how they are growing up together. Wall decorations can be a major focus in the room, or the headbord of the bed, or soft details like carpets, curtains and cushions … Such details can be in shades of desired colors, with neutral background that will dominate. Let our advices to lead you, and create perfect shared kids bedroom, where you kids would love to spend their time!


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Author: Ana Duovska


''Some people look for a beautiful place, others make a place beautiful.''


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