16 Captivating French Style Living Room Designs That Will Delight You

Living room in the French style creates a unique sense of sophistication to your home. The style is beautiful, chic and stylish, so if you want an elegant and sophisticated living room, you will not go wrong if you opt for a French style in your interior design. Note that the French style excludes symmetry in everything, from lighting to the layout of the furniture. It is acceptable to pair the chairs of various sizes and lamps of different heights. More architectural interior 3D modelsΒ would allow to came up with new ideas to create your interior design.

This method of decorating includes abundant use of wood, metal in shades of rust and paint that contribute to the whole impression. There are two ways to decorate a room in the French style: traditional and extravagant. However, you can find inspiration in many luxurious interiors and try to apply all that in your French style living room. French style is one of the few styles of interior design, that never go out of fashion. Essential things that make French style, are the richness of materials, crystal chandeliers, carved furniture and the like. The key is in the small things that make this style of elegant and unique. Check out the following photo gallery, and you will see many creative examples of beautiful French style living rooms!


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