16 Captivating Dining Rooms That Are Worth Your Time

In addition to the chairs, the basic piece of each dining room is the table. And here is important not only its design, but also the correct dimensions, the shape and the material from which it is made, which will further contribute to the functionality and aesthetics of this room. Find out which is the right model for your space, from our examples below.

Our homes suffer mainly from lack of space, and so the dining room is never big enough, at least not as much as we would like. If the dining room is really small, avoid dark colors, too many colorful combinations and – too much detail. Designers advise that in such cramped dining rooms we should void cabinets and wardrobes and to minimize the decorations. So the emphasis will be on the table, and the movement will be simpler. The tables should not have pointed legs nor be with pronounced volume, but to have simple lines, and the ideal shape for this space is a round table as well as a folding table. There are many creative designs that you can choose from, you just need to find which one will be suitable for your space! See below, and make your choice!


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