16 Breathtaking Mediterranean Balcony Designs With Beautiful Views

Sometimes the balcony is all that you have in terms of outdoor spaces. That is especially true in apartments and lofts. But never underestimate the potential of a balcony. If you turn it into a beautiful Mediterranean balcony then it will have an appeal that will make you want to spend time out there constantly. Besides, why shouldn’t you? If it offers you the same level of comfort that your living room does but it additionally gives you a breath of fresh air and a relaxing view, it really is a no brainer, isn’t it?

Welcome to a new collection of outdoor designs in which we’re going to show you 16 Breathtaking Mediterranean Balcony Designs With Beautiful Views. Take a look at the following photos and you will fall in love with the Mediterranean style, if you haven’t already. We’ve been working on bringing you a full stack of designs of the Mediterranean style in our recent showcase. Some of the freshest collections feature designs of the Mediterranean porchentry waydeck, patio and landscape. Enjoy!


2. Palm Beach – Manalapan Mansion

3. Casa Miss Trevelyan

4. Napoli Drive

5. Mediterranean Balcony

6. Ocean Front Moroccan Masterpiece

7. Alcione Residence, Positano

8. Nelson’s Walk Private Residence

9. Mediterranean Balcony

10. Sandhamnsgatan 75

11. Naiffy Residence

12. Mediterranean Classic

13. Mediterranean Residence

14. Old Stone House

15. Stylish Apartment with Terrace

16. Mediterranean Balcony


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