16 Blue Home Office Designs That Will Catch Your Eye

Colors greatly affect the mood and the effectiveness of the employees. Studies have shown that each color affects different to us. Red affect to our organism, blue to our minds, yellow to our emotions, ego and self-confidence, while a green is balance between mind, body and emotions. It is interesting that when you combine two colors, on the inside you get the effects of the two colors.

Psychologists and designers have long been arguing about what color is best to be applied in the office area. The designers claim that warmer colors, red and orange, encourage energy, creativity and productivity, while psychologists believe that these colors encourage aggression, bustle and reduce the visual sense of space, thereby adversely affecting the work, at least when it comes to office work. Psychologists claim that the cool colors such as green, blue or purple are responsible for creating a more peaceful atmosphere in the workplace.

If you need to stimulate your mind, the most productive color is blue. It is ideal for people who are engaged in accounting. If you bother to spend all day in a blue environment, spicing up your space with a little orange is ideal and will bring you a little emotion. Browse our collection below, and you might find idea how to decorate your home office with blue!


Image via William Enos


Image via Jason Denton


Image via Peter Landers Photography


Image via Phillip Ennis


Image via David Lauer Photography


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Author: Ana Duovska


''Some people look for a beautiful place, others make a place beautiful.''


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