15 Wonderful Transitional Living Room Designs To Refresh Your Home With

Fans of the transitional design style will know that a transitional home falls somewhere in between the traditional and contemporary. In fact, it is often a traditional home that is heading towards a more updated, trendier look with features from the modern and contemporary design styles that fit the new standards that are set every day. The transitional home decor uses a classic foundation which it revamps with popular finishes, colors and materials. One thing it lacks though is the bold, contrasting quality of the contemporary spaces, which is the biggest difference between these styles.

Not long ago, we made a collection of 15 Remarkable Transitional Kitchen Designs You’re Going To Love which you probably have already seen if you frequent our site. That collection is a good place to get some sort of an insight of what the transitional interior design style looks like.
In order to give you even more ideas, today, we are going to show you what the transitional living room interior design should look like.
Transitional interior designs stick with neutral colors (mostly gray), minimal ornamentation, simple lines and small, trendy details. They are quite difficult to identify as by definition they mix two different styles.

Welcome to our latest interior design collection of 15 Wonderful Transitional Living Room Designs To Refresh Your Home With with which we are going to show you inspirational ideas of transitional living room designs which are hopefully going to help you in case you are thinking about renovating your living room. Enjoy!

Transitional Living Room

Urban Lodge


Wayzata Dream Home Great Room

Cat Mountain Residence

Washington Street

Norwell Residence

Luxury Layover

New London Road

Hill House New Hampshire

Transitional Living Room

Jackson St. Residence, San Francisco, CA

DeBordieu Project

Lake Geneva Summer Home

Calgary transitional home


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