15 Wonderful DIY Water Feature Ideas For Your Spring Garden

Spring is a wonderful time of year. It replaces the cold winter nature with a beautiful, lively spring coat. There’s no better time to go out and relax in your garden than spring. Winter is too cold, summer is too hot. Well, if you’re going to be relaxing in your garden all spring long, you could build a DIY water feature that will emit a peaceful sound of a falling waterfall that will provide an immediate calming effect.

Today’s compilation of DIY projects is focused on creating a soothing ambient in your garden. For that purpose, we’ve compiled a list of 15 Wonderful DIY Water Feature Ideas For Your Spring Garden. Take a few moments to explore these awesome water fountain projects and I assure you that you will be surprised at what you can achieve with a few simple tools and stuff that you already have at home. Enjoy!

1. Disappearing Water Fountain

2. DIY backyard fountain

3. Fountain in a Pot

4. Water Jug Water Feature

5. Create a Wine Barrel and Bottle Fountain

6. DIY Water Feature – Garden Fountain

7. Copper Rain Chain

8. Tiered Clay Pot Fountain

9. Wheelbarrow Water Fountain

10. Two-Tier Patio Water Fountain

11. Build a Concrete Fountain

12. make a Bubble Fountain in a Pot

13. DIY Outdoor Water Wall Privacy Screen

14. DIY Tea Pot Fountain

15. DIY Small Balcony Fountain


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