15 Surprising Human Face House Exterior Designs

Some people just want to have a normal house to live in without bothering much about making it look a bit different from the other houses in the neighborhood.
And then, there are people who always strive to have their home look a bit different from the rest of the houses on the street. Some people want a house that differs from it’s surrounding so much that whenever you look at the group of houses it’s at, it makes you notice it first of them all and also makes you keep your gaze on it for a few more seconds in order to notice what’s wrong or what’s different from the others.
Well, today we have a fun collection ofย 15 Surprising Human Face House Exterior Designsย in which we have featured homes of people who like to decorate their houses in a way to make it fun when you look at it. In particular, the homes in this collection have some sort of a human face house exteriorย which may appear in all kinds of different human face expressions. For example, there are houses who look happy or entertained, or on the contrary, houses that kill you with their sharp look. Enjoy!

Dog House

Funky House

Haired House

Happy House

Hitler House

“I’m watching you” Human Face House

Kyoto Face

Amazed House Face



Posing House


Skull House

Cute House

Angry House

Happy House

Bothered House


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