15 Super Cool DIY Clock Ideas That Make A Statement

Wall clocks nowadays are more than just devices that tell the time. In fact, I believe most people who have wall clocks or any other clocks around their home are mostly for decorative purposes. I mean, we have digital clocks everywhere we look, they’re on the computer, on our phones and smartwatches. Having a clock hanged on your wall just for showing the time is a little redundant. However, if you use that clock to also improve the decor of your living room or kitchen, you’ve secured its position.

In this new collection of DIY projects we are going to go over 15 Super Cool DIY Clock Ideas That Make A Statement. Take a look at the following ideas and find plenty of cool ways to add accents to an empty corner or a bare wall. There are many different types of designs in this compilation that will go well with modern or traditional decor styles so all you have to do is find the one you want and simply follow the instructions. Enjoy!

1. Modern Wall Clock

2. Make A Clock With Driftwood

3. DIY Pallet Wood Farmhouse Clock

4. Upcycled Vintage Domino Clock

5. Turn Cork Trivets Into Color Block Clocks

6. Make A DIY Embroidered Basket Clock

7. DIY Clock from a piece of wood

8. Stained Plywood Clock

9. DIY Chrysanthemum Clock

10. DIY Minimal Wall Clock

11. Hexagon Marble Wall Clock

12. DIY Silverware Kitchen Clock

13. Bicycle Wheel Clock

14. Paper Plate Clock In 5 Minutes

15. Turn A Placemat To A Minimalist Wall Clock


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