15 Soothing DIY Home Fragrance Crafts That Can Add Some Freshness

Sometimes all you want is a small change in your home that can make a big difference. But what most people don’t know is that the change doesn’t have to be in the decor of your home. Instead, you can try changing the ambient by crafting a few unique DIY candles that are going to modify the lights and shadows in your interiors. But that is not all, you can go a step further to tamper with the ambient of your home and create some refreshing DIY home fragrance crafts that are going to add a touch of fresh scent. The change won’t be visible to your eyes but you will feel that your home has gotten a lot fresher.

Welcome to a new collection of DIY projects in which we want to show you theseΒ 15 Soothing DIY Home Fragrance Crafts That Can Add Some Freshness. Check out the list that we’ve compiled below and you will get free access to the step by step tutorials that are going to show you how to make these wonderful DIY home fragrance crafts that will add a beautiful scent to your home. Don’t worry, they are incredibly easy and quick to make and the best part is that you probably have all of the supplies that you’ll need. Enjoy!

1. Homemade Lilac Room Spray

2. Simmering Lime, Rosemary And Vanilla Air Freshener

3. Make Your House Smell Like A Holiday With This DIY Home Fragrance

4. DIY Fall Scented Wax Melts

5. DIY Oil Diffuser

6. Floral Herb Perfume

7. Citrus Blend Room Spray

8. Homemade Vanilla Perfume

9. DIY Home Deodorizer Spray

10. Light Homemade Incense

11. DIY Lavender & Pine Linen Spray

12. DIY Natural Room Scents

13. Cinnamon And Pine Fragrance Jar

14. DIY Water Bead Air Freshener

15. Cinnamon, Orange And Clove Essential Oil Natural Room Spray


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