15 Smart DIY Wine Rack Ideas That You Can Make For Almost No Cost

Storing all of the wine bottles in your home is certainly not a difficult task but only if you consider stowing them away in a random cabinet as a solution. We certainly don’t consider that as appropriate wine storage, especially if you’ve got a great wine collection that you want to display. We want to show you how to store and display your wine bottles properly by using a wine rack. There are many pros of using a wine rack because you can place it anywhere you want. If you want to use it more as a display feature it can take a focal place but it can also be placed somewhere to provide ease of access.

Check out this collection to findΒ 15 Smart DIY Wine Rack Ideas That You Can Make For Almost No Cost.Β We’ve found some pretty cool DIY wine rack ideas that will show you how to easily make one for your home without spending too much money. The following designs are very creative but they are not difficult to make, especially considering that they all come together with step by step instructions which you can get access to by following the tutorial links below the images. Enjoy!

1. old records make a funky fabulous wine rack

2. copper pipes combined with leather create a light, modern look

3. Rope and wood wine rack


4. Free up some space in your kitchen with this DIY wine rack that hangs from the ceiling

5. DIY Pallet Wine Rack

6. Make a triangular wine rack from pallet wood

7. Bed springs as wine racks

8. creative wine rack repurposed from an old film reel

9. A dresser can easily be turned into a wine rack

10. Minimal wine rack from wood and leather

11. Make a simple wine rack out of a bunch of horseshoes

12. Car engine wine rack

13. Incredibly simple tree stump wine rack for an outdoor party

14. Use some inexpensive PVC pipe to create this modern wine rack for just a few dollars

15. take short pieces of pipe, end caps, and flanges to make an elegant wall hanging of wine bottles


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Author: Fidan Jovanov

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