15 Serene Garden Room Designs To Relax In During The Hot Summer Days

garden room or also called a conservatory or orangery is mainly a British home extension. It is a room that allows you to enjoy the outdoor spaces without having to deal with the unpredictable weather. It is basically a sunroom, which is the term used in the US.
Originating from a type of glass house or greenhouse where plants could be grown in sheltered conditions, the modern conservatory now offers flexible entertainment space. It can serve as an additional living room, a spacious dining room or an open-plan kitchen, and all that with extra light that the glass provides.

Welcome to our latest outdoors design collection of 15 Serene Garden Room Designs To Relax In During The Hot Summer Days with which we will show you the perfect way to make the best out of the rainy or extremely hot summer days without having to deal with the rain or the intense warmth. Enjoy!

High end residential

Outdoor Living

A place to enjoy the garden

Waterside Home

Augusta Beach House

Classic Family Home

Sunroom Serenity

Carmel Highlands Pelican House

A Light Filled Garden Room Conservatory

Bywood Street Residence

Home in St. Louis

Garden Room

Sky Room

Complex Conservatory on Victorian Rectory

Maison Suresnes


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