15 Really Fascinating DIY Tree Branch Chandeliers

Plenty of ideas for decorating the home come from nature. It gives us beautiful colors, shapes, materials, and all new ideas and inspiration. Whether you like the nature and walking in the fresh air, head to the woods and find some branches that will help you to create great tree branch chandeliers and bring the nature to your home.

Attach more branches with a spatula and place bulbs on them. You can shape the branches as you like, and they may be thicker and thinner, it all depends on your wishes. Also, you can only use one branch if it is enough for you and if you want something simpler. You can paint them in different colors or just leave them in their natural form, before hanging them on the ceiling. If you use more branches, you can place bulbs in multiple locations not on the same level, but you can play with them. These DIY projects are simple and easy to make, but will give to your home a whole new and fascinating appearance. Enter the flavor of the nature into your home, and maybe this will inspire you for some new creations. Have fun and be productive! Enjoy in our examples!


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