15 Portable Kitchen Island Designs Which Should Be Part Of Every Kitchen

If your kitchen is not big enough, then you should definitely try to enrich with the practical and effective element – the kitchen island. The kitchen island is usually placed in the center of the kitchen and it can, in terms of how are organized other functions in the area, to have multiple purposes – from workspace and storage space, to place for the sink. The kitchen island is a great thing also if you have more space in the kitchen. It may be small or bigger, and the down area can be practical kitchen storage element, where you can dispose things, but also there is an option for the additional open shelves.

If you have a small kitchen, but still want the convenience of a kitchen island, you may want to choose a kitchen island on casters. You can easily turn it to a free wall or pantry when not in use, in order to free up space in the kitchen. It’s easy to put it back when you need extra working space for cooking or baking. In the holidays, or when preparing dinner, portable kitchen island is ideal for serving meals. Take a look at our collection and you will see many interesting ideas of portable kitchen islands. Enjoy!




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Author: Ana Duovska


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