15 Playful Living Room Designs In Boho Style

Pinterest and Instagram profiles have recently flooded with home decors in Boho style, and if you are, intrigued, we are bringing to you some interesting ideas for using Β Boho style in the home. This style gives you endless possibilities and ideas and creativity are not limited. Some of its basic principles are playing with colors, and the first tip is to mix colors instead of pairing, to use interesting lighting that will give you a warm and eclectic look of the living room, to opt got unique furniture, to use works of art and handmade ornaments. Finally, do not be afraid to fit all that together, and your living room is supposed to represent the epitome of your personality.

Boho or bohemian style, is the symbol for materials and textures in darker tones, rustic furniture and layered curtains, in combination with the warm tones of crystal, bronze and steel. If you have some old vintage details, match them with the existing interior, because the rule of the Boho style is – the more the better. Add a bit of bohemian style to your home, so you will have to apply some of the ideas below. All you need is a free access to the interior design, mixing and matching colors, patterns and textures.


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