15 Outstanding Bookshelf Designs Made Of Repurposed Ladders

Shelves are one of the most useful things in the house. They serve many purposes: perfect decorations for the house, useful items for storing things, various souvenirs and decorative items. However, it is sometimes very difficult to find a suitable model or color that would fit with the rest of the furniture. So, the right solution could be shelves that you can customize as you wish. With a bit of creativity you can make amazing shelves that will be excellent decorative element.

It’s incredible that even old ladders can be repurposed into the home decor as practical shelves for storing books. You can place two pairs of ladders next to each other, so that they stand normally, or turn them upside down, and in this case attach the anchors to the wall. Position some boards or plywood plates, so that they stick on the stairs, which will allow the firmness of your new shelf. You can hang the ladders on the wall even horizontally, wide open, so that they cover one corner of the room. You can take advantage of the old ones, even those scattered with paint, because they will work very decoratively, in addition to providing plenty of space to store books.




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Author: Ana Duovska


''Some people look for a beautiful place, others make a place beautiful.''


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