15 Original Home Office Designs With Unique Live-Edge Desk That Will Impress You

Office in the home, you will need most of all if you are a freelancer or you work for some company from home. While some may not have the luxury of a separate office for the whole room, enough will be only one corner of the apartment (in the bedroom or living room), which will turn into a realm, where will contain everything needed for the operation.

When choosing furniture, make sure that it provides a comfortable and productive atmosphere, and besides the look, pay attention to layout based on its size. Select the size of furniture that fits the size of the room – let it not be neither too small nor too large. Empty home office operates a huge, all that while wi don’t not put a desk and chair. Therefore, measure the space and layout of windows and doors, in order to adapt them with the furniture. As with any other furniture, you can buy it for more or less sum of money. On the Internet and in magazines for interior decoration you can find also information about the prices of furniture. There you have all styles, from antique furniture to completely contemporary. When choosing traditional furniture, such as chairs, again keep in mind the comfort. Although it seems irresistible, should be flexible and adaptable. Modern chairs in most cases are ergonomic, but often its futuristic appearance does not fit into the existing furniture in the home. The golden rule is: when you choose a style, stay faithful to it. If you want original rustic look in your home, you should opt for live-edge desk. Take a look below, and you will see a bunch of impressive ideas how to decorate your home office with live-edge desks.


Image via Kyle Born


Image via David Matheson


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