15 Magnificent Pastel Living Room Designs That Will Catch Your Eye

For many people the palette of pastel shades is too bright, gentle and monotonous, so often the first choice in arranging the living room are stronger hues that accentuate the space. But exactly because their sensibility, pastel colors can give greater comfort and tranquility of the area. That pleasant feeling is the culprit for which modern designers and architects increasingly encourage their clients to inserting these colors in the interior of the living room is the space where we spend most of the day.

Pastel colors with its softness and neutrality will rest your eyes and give the space a light and shine. Designers believe that the pastel colors do not always result with monotonous and very bright, toneless interior, because if they are properly combined, will be enough for the living room to become attractive and comfortable space.
In addition, we are presenting you some living rooms decorated with different colors and pastel shades that capture different environments. Take a look at our collection and maybe you will find idea how to decorate your living room with pastel shades. Enjoy!


Image via Barry Calhoun Photography


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