15 Incredible Shabby Chic Kitchen Interior Designs You Can Extract Ideas From

The Shabby Chic home design style is often referred to as farmhouse or cottage style which is also very similar to French country style and you’ll see why in the images below. This style is very forgiving and warm and is well known for its attractiveness which comes from the many imperfections that can be found inside.
At first, this style might look unstructured and lacking in formal rules, but its timeless look can add elegance to your home without much struggle.
When it comes to the interior part of this style, handcrafts, salvaged furniture and vintage textiles are a common sight. This makes this style very easy and cheap to achieve because you can find what you need in flea markets as well as retail shops which makes it budget-friendly as opposed to other styles.

In this new collection of 15 Incredible Shabby Chic Kitchen Interior Designs You Can Extract Ideas From we are going to show you interior designs of shabby chic kitchen designs which can provide you with lots of creative ideas. With this collection we are also going to mark the start of a new showcase in which we are going to try and bring you as many designs from the shabby chic style as possible. Enjoy!

Shabby Chic Point Loma Home



1940’s Shabby Chic Beach Bungalow Kitchen



Essenza Kitchen



A Casa di Maria

La Maison de KiKi

Vibrant Santa Monica Cottage

Beautiful Boho in Venice Beach

French country home

Enchanted Storybook

Shabby Chic Kitchen


Coastal Loft Sun-Drenched Kitchen

The Anchor House

Debra Campbell Design

Salvage Secrets Design & Decor


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